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Reflecting on Resolutions

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Where did this past year fly to? There has been so much that I had hoped to accomplish over the past year but I did not do. And things I did that I wish I had not done. I guess that means I am human!


For many people the beginning of a new year is a time to reflect and make resolutions – such as working to get rid of a bad habit (like spending too much time on Facebook or eating junk food), or starting something new (like starting a prayer regimen or an exercise plan). But I don’t make resolutions on January 1. WHENEVER I am ready to make a change is when I begin – whether it is January 1st, June 10th or December 19th.


I find that I need to periodically reflect on my life to assess what I have been doing. I must analyze my actions (and the consequences), and decide if these have been good actions which are improving my life. If so, great! I will decide to continue those actions! If not, I need to make restitution for any wrongs. I also need to forgive myself for making these mistakes, recognizing that I am an imperfect human. Next I need to reflect on what I will do (or not do) in the future to improve (i.e make my resolutions). Finally, it is important to me to begin to make those changes immediately.


Changes are hard, especially getting rid of old habits. Those tempting chocolates that a friend gave me incessantly call my name, along with the cookies and cake…. The desire to keep up with all my friends’ posts entice me away from precious prayer time. The battle to improve my behavior is a daily struggle, and will continue until the day I die. But I will keep reflecting and resolving to improve, and asking God’s help to do it.


I pray that you will take some time to reflect on your life. Not just now at the beginning of 2017, but regularly, and resolve to improve yourself. Reach out if necessary to others and to God for support and help. I’ll bet your friends will be there for you! And God will give you the necessary grace to change, if you only ask!


Have a blessed Monday!




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