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Posted on December 11, 2017 at 8:50 AM

I had another birthday last week. Funny, it seems like I just had a birthday last year - where does the time go?? My husband and I celebrated by spending the day together and enjoying breakfast and dinner out. (A perk of being a member of various rewards programs are the “freebies” that come around your birthday – a free dinner, dessert or cup of coffee is a nice little treat!) We took full advantage of a few of those birthday perks!

My husband and I stopped giving each other birthday presents a long time ago. We don’t need more “things” anyway. I already have plenty of knickknacks which are just gathering dust on my shelves or in unopened boxes in my basement. The latest gadget for this or that doesn’t interest me - we spent money in the past on some of those quirky gadgets that were supposed to be the cat’s meow… we used them once or twice and then they ended up in the Goodwill donation pile. These days I am happy with a card from my husband, preferably one with some “mushy” sentiment that expresses his undying love for me!

Yet each time my birthday rolls around, I celebrate. No, not with a cake and fancy party. I celebrate by giving thanks that I have been given another year. I am grateful for the wrinkles and gray hairs that testify to my life experiences. I am not so happy about the few extra pounds I carry, but I am grateful that I have enough food to eat when many people do not, and I can share my extras with others.

Sure, I have had my share of trials, but overall I feel my life has been very blessed. So I celebrate - with gratitude for my dear husband, children, and grandchildren, and for my wonderful friends. My church family is outstanding, and I have been graced with many opportunities to develop a strong faith.

I celebrate the blessing of having enough in savings to do some traveling and learn about other people and cultures. We have chosen to sponsor several children in other countries, and we have been lucky to meet a few of them. And finally I celebrate the fact I am healthy enough to be able to volunteer in many ways. Yes, I am blessed!

Catherine Pulsifer said that "Life isn't about your age. Life is about living." I believe this is true. Whatever my age, I will live – I will live in gratitude for what I have, and I will live as a Christian, doing my best to fulfill my mission to support, help and encourage others. Even if I only can help a few people in my lifetime, that is ok.

How do you celebrate your birthday? The next time your birth date pops up on your calendar, I encourage you to take a little time to explore how you live your life. Are you living with gratitude for what you have? Do your actions match your values? I pray that you can honestly answer yes to these questions, and then have a happy birthday!

Have a blessed Monday!


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