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Posted on May 20, 2019 at 1:40 PM

How often do you stop and just breathe?

Everyone of us breathes, all the time. We would not be alive if we didn’t breathe! Oxygen is needed for life. Yet breathing is something we seldom thing about, since the capacity to breathe is “hard-wired” into our bodies. God created that within us!

Whenever I get a cold, I become very aware of my breathing. It is challenging to struggle to get in enough air when my nasal passages are clogged or my lungs are congested. Fortunately I have a few tricks I use to help my breathing when this happens, and I am very grateful when I can breathe normally again! And I am currently dealing with a bout of bronchitis, and I have become very aware of how a person with asthma must feel trying to take in breaths.

People who meditate or wish to relax often focus on their breathing. They use voluntary breath control by inhalation, retention and exhalation which is performed quickly or slowly, depending on the need.

Singers too are usually quite conscious of their breathing. They need enough air to sustain their notes, and breath can also be used to impart texture to their voices. Taking deep breaths from the diaphragm is encouraged to develop strong breath techniques. This does not come naturally for me, so I must be very mindful of my breathing when I am singing.

I have found it very beneficial to stop periodically and just breathe. I don’t follow any particular meditation techniques, but I have found mindful breathing to be a good way to help me relax. I can also use my breathing to reconnect with God. One tool I use is on Christian radio - whenever I hear the song “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz I try to stop and focus on my breathing. The refrain goes like this: “Breathe, just breathe; Come and rest at my feet; And be, just be; Chaos calls but all you really need is to just breathe.” Yes, just breathe.

If you have not stopped to just breathe for a while, maybe you’d like to give it a try. It’s not hard, and you might find some real benefits and blessings from just breathing. Focusing on your breath can help you reconnect with God, too. If you need a little guidance in this, you may enjoy this reflection that I wrote this week.


Be still and breathe.

Breathe in.

Take in a deep cleansing breath,

Push aside the world for a while.

Breathe out.

Let go of the distractions of life.

Release the tension pent up inside.

Breathe in the Spirit.

Let Him fill your being.

Let Him give you grace.

Breathe out your worries.

Drain the fears from your mind.

Give up your anxiety about something.

Breathe in Love.

Sense Love’s warmth enter and permeate your flesh.

Experience the sweet tingle of grace.

Breathe out.

Let the feelings of disquiet leave

Place your problems into God’s hands.

Breathe in.

Let God’s spirit infuse your soul.

Feel His calm inspire you.

Be still and breathe.

Have a blessed Monday!


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