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Empty Yourself

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 7:55 AM

Can you empty yourself and let God fill you up?

Have you ever felt empty? Have you felt drained after a long, hard day at work or after a tough time caring for a child or an aging parent? I’ve been there – I recall many times collapsing on the couch after one of those days feeling completely spent and not even caring if I had anything to eat.

That kind of empty feeling is a physical one. We have used our brains and our bodies, and we feel as if we have given everything we have. Perhaps we even feel unsure if we can do it again tomorrow.

I don’t know anyone who likes feeling empty like that. But I think sometimes we need to become empty, but in a different way.

I know I often get too full of the world. I fill my plate with many things to do, and still want to enjoy quality time with my husband and family. I am bombarded with ads for things I don’t need, and images which seem to say I am not good enough as I am.

If I sit back and take stock of myself, hopefully I can see that I am too full of all that stuff and those images which can press me into feeling useless. That when I need to become empty in a different way, in my soul.

While on a retreat this past weekend I listened to the priest speak about a deep desire we all have within our souls – a desire for God. Just as we have physical appetites that need to be met, we also have spiritual ones. We humans have a space within our souls that can only be filled by God.

Yet I, like many human beings, try to fill that spiritual void with physical things – various pleasures of life that I think will bring me happiness. Like the big “stuff” I have to do, and the overinflated images that are constantly blasted at us from the media. Then there are the smaller things, like chocolate! I eat this sweet even when I am not hungry, thinking it will satisfy that “other” hunger in my life. But this pleasure is only temporary, and it really does nothing to satisfy that craving I have for “something more.” I get hungry again. And I even find myself eating more chocolate because what I ate before suddenly is no longer enough.

What I have failed to recognize is that temporal pleasures on earth cannot satisfy my soul. A piece of chocolate cake may calm my hunger pangs and bring me a sugar high, but that feeling doesn’t last. And it fails to do anything for my soul.

While I need to satisfy my physical needs, including physical hunger, I also must appropriately meet the needs of my soul. It has taken me many years to begin to understand what exactly it is that will fill the emptiness of my soul. For me, what I need is the grace of God.

But I can’t fill up my soul on my own. I must empty myself of the things of this world so I can allow God to work in me. For it is really He that fills that emptiness. I need to spend time with Him and listen to His Word, and He will fill me. And like I need to eat physical food regularly to satisfy my physical needs, I must regularly meet with God to ensure my soul stays filled with the right things.

When I allow God to fill my empty soul, I can achieve a high that far surpasses the high I get from chocolate!

Are you overly full with the wrong kinds of things? Perhaps today you can put a few of those things aside – those things that don’t really matter in the grand plan. Then allow yourself to be open to let God and His grace enter in. Let God fill every corner of your empty soul with His love, and you could be amazingly blessed!

Have a blessed Monday!


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