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Posted on August 26, 2019 at 6:35 AM

Have you taken a nice walk lately?

I used to have one of those old step tracking devices – a small disk I could put in my pocket or clip to a pocket or my bra. But I lost it a few years ago in an airport and I just never bothered to replace it.

Recently my six-year-old grandson was interested in getting a step tracker, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was probably a good thing for me to get a new one also. After a quick search online I found a pretty decent deal, ordered it and got it set up.

My new tracker is much more powerful than that old one. It not only tracks the number of steps I take during a 24-hour period, but it also keeps track of my sleep. I can record my heart rate and even my blood pressure (although I’m not sure how accurate that last number is).  And there are settings for walking, running and bicycling. I haven’t attempted working with the last two yet.

Since the new tracker arrived I am more conscious of the amount of exercise I am getting. I am taking more walks, and I am using the stairs instead of the elevator when the opportunity presents itself. This is good news for me, because I have a few pounds to shed.

And I do like to walk. My husband and I will sometimes go out in the early morning to tour our neighborhood. Some of the ladies in my cul-de-sac have a standing six pm “walking date” every evening during the warmer months and I join them when I can. And I am looking forward to going to the Minnesota State Fair this week – I should have no trouble surpassing my daily step goal there!

Walking is a great form of exercise - almost anyone can do it. It isn’t so important how fast you walk – I think the more frequently I walk and the farther I walk, the more fit I will ultimately become.

I also find walking to be a terrific way to be “unplugged” for a while. I have seen some people walking with their head bent over their phones, but not me. I turn off my phone and enjoy the conversation with my walking mates and revel in the scenery and occasional wildlife - we have deer and wild turkeys in our neighborhood. I can meet up with neighbors and stay connected. And when I walk alone, I can muse on one of my current projects (occasionally getting a needed insight) or just spend some quiet time in prayer.

As the weather turns colder later this fall, I may find it less enticing to walk outside. But we do have many indoor malls nearby where walking is encouraged, and I plan to keep at it.

Are you a walker? If you haven’t been walking much lately, I encourage you to give it a try. If it might encourage you to get out and walk more, consider purchasing a fitness tracker – many are very reasonably priced. Just be sure to get one with a sturdy wrist band! And when you do walk, take time to enjoy yourself and God’s beautiful creation! Walking could be a great blessing for you!

Have a blessed Monday!


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