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Posted on September 9, 2019 at 7:35 AM

How clearly do you see the things of importance?

Last week I was in the chapel for my regular adoration hour, and I had spent some time reading and in meditation. My meditation moved my soul quite a bit and I began to cry. (This is not uncommon for me, so I always keep a huge stash of tissues in my adoration bag for moments just like this.)

I removed my glasses to wipe my eyes, but before I could put my glasses back on my eyes were drawn back up to the altar where the Monstrance was placed.

This particular Monstrance is very familiar to me, since I have been a regular adorer for many years. But at this moment my view was very fuzzy. Without my glasses, I could see a basic shape and recognize that candlelight was glinting off the gold, but the Monstrance itself was a blur. I had to think quite hard about what it actually looked like because I no longer could see it clearly.

Of course, once I put on my glasses I could clearly see the beautiful piece that held the Host. In light of this observation, I spent some time reveling in the magnificence of the Monstrance and studying its shape and design. Then I purposefully focused on The Body of Jesus encased within the gold. I marveled at the hands that crafted the Monstrance, but even more so the Glorious Body that it held.

Toward the end of my adoration hour I removed my glasses again. The Monstrance was once again a blur to my physical eyes, but I now held a new image of it in the eyes of my soul. I could still “see” it. I recognized it and what it held even though physically it was a blur. You see, by taking even that little bit of time to study that special structure and learn its intricacies and reflect on what it held, I was able to form a strong interior image which remained long after my physical eyes could not see it.

I find that I often fail to take the time to really study and know things, and when my "glasses" aren’t handy I don’t recognize them. I hear a name but cannot recall the face of the person it belongs to. I read a passage of scripture or hear a homily at mass, and an hour later I cannot recall the topic or the point that was made. I even no longer can recall some things that I had learned by heart years ago. It’s as if I have removed my glasses and now it is just a blur.

My experience in that chapel helped me to realize the importance of really getting to know those important things well. I may need to see them on a regular basis to keep them fresh in my mind. That’s especially true with my relationship with Jesus. I need to spend time with Him and get to know Him through the glasses of scripture and prayer, in order to be able to “see” Him when my physical senses become blurred with all the other things of life.

Are you able to see clearly the things of importance in your life? If something seems a bit blurry to you today, perhaps it is time to “put on your glasses” and study or re-learn that important thing – what it looks like, how it sounds – and commit it to your soul’s memory banks. Then whenever you don’t have your “glasses” handy, you can still clearly see that important thing. For those important things are the ones that will likely bless you!

Have a blessed Monday!


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