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Posted on October 7, 2019 at 9:10 AM

What storms are you facing?

In the past few months the news has been filled with stories of storms which have ravaged parts of our earth. Hurricane Dorian took out a good portion of the Bahamas, and recently Hurricane Lorenzo raged in the Atlantic Ocean even reaching as far as the Azores Archipelago. Some people say that global warming has played a major part in the increase in storms.

But there are many other “storms” that are not nature-related which can be every bit as devastating as those natural ones. People all around us are experiencing storms every day - fighting cancer, surviving the loss of a loved one, or battling depression. Yet sadly, often a stigma is associated with these personal storms, and those affected often hide their issues and pain, even from those closest to them, and often we are unaware of the struggles they face.

I imagine many of you have faced personal storms in your life. I have too – if you read back through my previous blogs you will learn about some of them. And I know how hard it can be some days to just get out of bed and face the latest in a seemingly endless series of gusts and lightning bolts attacking us. Yet I also know that when I am in the midst of one of these storms I need to reach out to someone for help. That person may not be able to take the storm away or even calm it for me, but they can at least hold my hand and listen to me as I vent, and maybe even provide a bit of a shield to reduce the storm’s force. And it also helps me to pray – for continued faith that the storm will eventually pass, for strength to make it through, and for direction to find the best way out.

Are you facing a storm in your life? What storms have you faced recently? Whenever a storm appears in your life, I hope you will reach out for help. Find a friend who can walk with you through the storm. Ask God for assistance too. You never know when a blessing might pop up like a little umbrella to shield you in your storm.

Have a blessed Monday!


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