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Posted on December 2, 2019 at 7:40 AM

What are you waiting for?


Last week we had a dumping of snow onto our neighborhood overnight. Surprisingly, the city plow came by at 5 am and again at 7:30 am. The driveway plowing service came just after the later city plow, but surprisingly our driveway and one other driveway in our cul-de-sac was missed! We waited and waited, but the little plow didn’t come back until much later.


Waiting can be frustrating! Fortunately, my husband and I are retired from the work force, and we can be selective about when we venture forth in inclement weather. As it was not necessary for us to leave our home right away for anything urgent, we just hung out at home, working on projects. But we did experience frustration. Had everyone else not been plowed out, it wouldn’t have seemed so bad…. But as it was we were forced to wait, and when the plow did not show up by the time we had to leave, my husband had to go out and clear off enough snow so we could get one car out of the garage. So much for waiting!


We now are in a season in our church year that involves waiting – Advent. This four-week period leading up to Christmas is a season of expectation and waiting. Children who have not grasped the importance of waiting get very antsy as they are forced to wait until Christmas approaches. Adults too can feel a lack of patience as preparations are being made.


It IS hard to wait, but it is something we all must do from time to time. We must wait nine months for a child to be born. We may have to wait to get in to see a specialist doctor, and then have to wait to get the test results. Or we have to wait until it is time go on a trip or visit loved ones.


But waiting doesn’t mean sitting around idly. While we are waiting we can be preparing. We can read up on how to care for a newborn and set up the nursery, or we could gather necessary information to take with us to the doctor. We may gather maps and plan out excursions we will take on our trip, and figure out what items to pack.


Advent preparations are also important. In our house, we set out the Advent wreath with fresh candles, write up the annual Christmas letter, and shop for gifts for our family and friends. But even more importantly, Advent waiting means preparing my heart. It’s a good time to ask myself: am I ready to receive Christ when He comes? Am I doing what God is asking of me during this season of my life?


As we begin Advent, I encourage you to ask yourself “What am I waiting for?” Are you waiting for a secular Christmas, or are you waiting for a spiritual one? Then see if maybe there is something you need to change so that what you are preparing for is the right thing. Then wait – with joy and expectation! For blessings come to those who wait.


Have a blessed Monday!


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