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Posted on December 16, 2019 at 9:55 AM

What are you waiting for?


We all need to wait at times. Our waiting can be joyful or it can be stressful. I find that the waiting that comes with Advent is mostly easy because it’s finite. I know that what’s coming at the end of my wait will be good, and I know exactly how many days I have left to wait for it!


But much of the waiting that occupies us is open ended. We wait for love and marriage without knowing if it will come. We wait for children without knowing whether we will conceive. We wait for a job, justice or healing.


The hardest thing about most waiting is not knowing when it’s going to end, how it will end, or even if it is going to end. Waiting brings questions without easy answers. If your life’s plans aren’t coming to fruition, should you change course or hold out for your heart’s desire? Are your unfulfilled yearnings indicators of sinful discontentment or blessings God simply hasn’t yet fulfilled? It’s sometimes so hard to know.


I came across an acronym that is helping me wait a little better. Here it is:


Watch God work in His ways

Ask God about his purposes

Invite God to work in your heart

Trust God to fulfill His plans


What this acronym means to me is that I need to be mindful while I wait, to what is going on around me. I need to recall that God is in control, not me. And when I may not understand what He is doing or why, I can pray and ask for God to grant me understanding or at least a little more information about what is or will be happening.


I can also invite God into my heart. I can ask Him to rest in me, to give me peace and calm no matter what happens. And I can ask Him to help me to trust – to trust that what will happen is for my greater good.


Following this acronym during my times of waiting may not be easy, but I think it will help me to focus better. Perhaps it will help you as well.


May you be blessed while you wait.


Have a blessed Monday!


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