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Posted on December 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM

We are now in the final week of Advent. In just a few days, Our Lord will come again as a baby – the greatest gift God has ever given to mankind! Jesus, our Lord, has come as a tiny child but He is also our Savior - His death and resurrection gave hope back to mankind that we are once again pure children of God, swept up in His infinite love!


It is sad to me that so many people don’t understand this precious gift and do not accept it. When people gloss over December 25th as just another day off work, or just a time to get together with family, stuff themselves and throw piles of gifts at each other, they often miss the REAL gift - that of Jesus.


Two thousand years ago, so few people accepted Jesus. Although huge crowds saw Jesus perform miraculous healings and feeding of thousands, some accepted Him but many did not. They couldn’t see past the physical gifts Jesus provided to the spiritual gift that He was also offering. There was no room for Him in the inns of their hearts.


Today at Christmas time, most Christians set up beautifully decorated trees, string colorful lights along the eaves and adorn their doors with wreaths. This preparation of our homes is a lovely sign that we celebrate the season. But hopefully we also display a humble creche to remind us of that cold winter’s night long ago when that Blessed Child was born in a lowly stable. And hopefully we have been preparing ourselves too.


How about you? Do you have plans to attend a Christmas service to listen to the good news proclaimed by the angels so long ago and again today? Are you keeping Christ in your Christmas preparations and celebrations?


Are you ready to accept the blessed gift of Jesus?


Have a blessed Monday and a beautiful Christmas!


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