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Posted on December 30, 2019 at 7:20 AM

I know many people take time at the end of the year to think about resolutions. For years now I have not made formal resolutions at the beginning of a new year – instead I make resolutions any time throughout the year, whenever I am ready to set a new goal for myself.


But I do think that as the end of the year approaches it’s a good thing for me to spend some time to look within myself. Have I been living out the resolutions that I made during the course of the past year? Have I been a faithful wife, mother and friend? Have I followed Christ’s plan for me as best that I can?


When I have asked myself these questions in the past, I usually realized that I have not done as well as I could. And like in past years, once again I have to admit that I have made mistakes. I have gotten angry with my husband, I have failed to be there for a friend, or have in some way neglected my family. I once again failed to meet the weight loss goal I had set, and my spiritual life? Well, let’s say I’m not much further along the path to sainthood than I was last year at this time.


I could let these revelations get me down. But instead I am going to use this awareness as a means for correction. I will go to confession and admit my sins to God. I will apologize to those whom I may have hurt, and I will strive to figure out how I can alleviate my many shortcomings. I probably will miss something or someone on the list, but I can’t beat myself up about that. I am human, after all. I make mistakes. But I can still try to improve.


After receiving the greatest gift of all, Jesus, last week at Christmas, I will look within myself. I will do my best to atone for my failures. I will resolve to strive (once again!) to do better in 2020. And I will ask for help from the One who can help me, my Lord the Christ.


Perhaps you too may choose to spend a little time this week looking within. Take some time to review the past year and how you have done as a person. If you find some failures, that’s ok. Fix what you are able to fix and work to change what you can for the future. Ask God for help too, and you may be blessed with something wonderful!


Have a blessed Monday!


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