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Be Still

Posted on January 13, 2020 at 8:15 AM

How often do you sit and just “be still?” Being still is really hard for me. I can sit, but I usually have to be doing something like reading or writing. If I am not busy, I feel like I am shirking my duties or somehow not living up to expectations.


Yet it is important to just be still and not be doing anything else. When I take the time to be still, it is amazing what things that I previously missed which I can finally see.


For me, a good time to be still is when the sun is rising. When I just sit and watch the darkness of the night fade, I can see the sky gradually become lighter and observe that one swift magical moment when the rays of the sun visibly appear over the horizon. Another good time for me to sit and be still is in the late afternoon as the sun descends. I can sometimes observe an entire rainbow of colors streaking through the clouds – reds, pinks, blues and purples running together like a watercolor wash on a pad of paper. And I can savor the colors deepen in intensity as sun sinks lower.


Being still helps me to listen better, too. I can detect birds excitedly conversing as the sky lightens in the morning, the wind whispering stories to the trees throughout the day, and the crickets calling insistently to their mates as the evening approaches.


I can also hear the Spirit much better when I am still. When I sit quietly, especially in our chapel, and tone down my own thoughts, the mystical promptings of God become more distinct. I am able to hear His gentle whisper touching my soul. In the quiet I can ponder those words and thoughts and start to understand what He is saying to me and what I must do. And when I leave the stillness my soul is calm and I am ready to respond to His commands.


When was the last time you were still? If it has been a while, maybe you can take some time this week to sit for a few minutes and do nothing but be still, listen and observe. A blessing may be awaiting you!


Have a blessed Monday!


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