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Hands and Feet

Posted on January 20, 2020 at 4:50 AM

Most of us are blessed with two feet and two hands that allow us to do so many things. Using our feet, we can walk, trot or run to get from one place to the next. We can traverse long distances or short ones. We can even use our feet to help move things from one place to another.


Our hands are even more useful than our feet! We can use our hands to get dressed, to eat or to write. Our hands can be used to touch and hold things.


My hands and feet are great blessings to me, and I am very grateful to God that I have them. So it is important to me to take good care of my hands and feet – I keep them warm during the cold months, I wash them frequently, and I even treat myself to a pedicure or manicure every once in a while!


But it is also important that I use my feet and hands for good things. I want to use them to bless others – to go to visit family and friends, to hug them when they are feeling down, to write useful words for people to read, and to give things to those in need.


You’ve probably heard it said that we are Christ’s hands and feet. I agree! After Jesus’ resurrection, He was no longer physically present on earth, therefore it was up to the disciples (and all of us who follow them) to continue Christ’s work here on earth. We must be His hands and feet.


Even if we cannot do miraculous healings like Jesus did, we can still comfort those who are ill, put an arm around the shoulder of one who is grieving or send a note to a lonely relative living in a city far away. Although we may not be able to multiply loaves and fishes, we can take bags of food to the food shelf to help feed those who are hungry or invite others to join us for a meal.


There are so many things we can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I am striving to do at least one thing every day that Jesus might do if He were still here on earth, because I can bless others through my hands and feet.


Will you be Christ’s hands and feet today? This week, I encourage you, too, to think of things you can do as if you were Christ’s hands and feet. Then do them – and bless others. Who knows, you might find a blessing or two that comes right back to you!


Have a blessed Monday!


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