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Face Your Giants

Posted on February 2, 2020 at 10:10 PM

One of my daily bible readings a few weeks ago was the story of David and Goliath. I imagine most of you remember the story – how the young lad David bravely slung a stone and felled the giant Goliath. David was able to accomplish this because of two things – he had prepared, and he had faith in God.


David’s preparation was his training and practice as a shepherd. He had to protect his flock, and so became skilled in the use of the sling to take out a deadly animal who was hunting his flock. Then David had faith in God. He was raised to know scripture and religious teachings and he practiced his faith regularly. When the time came to face Goliath, David was able to draw upon that faith.


We may not have physical giants to face like David, but we do have our own “giants.” Every one of us has at least one heavy burden or obstacle that gets in our way during our lives. These are our giants. Many of these giants may seem quite unconquerable – like a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer or the death of a family member. These giants can cause immense sorrow and require hard work to overcome.


So what can we do to fight these giants? I think we need to prepare and have faith, just like David.


The preparation part may be difficult. We usually don’t have a clue about what kind of giants will pop up in our lives or when they will surface. There is no way a normal human being can know everything - therefore, often the “preparation” can only occur after the giant appears. For example, you probably only will research facts and treatment about a physical ailment AFTER you receive the diagnosis. However, it’s helpful to have general knowledge about a number of things so you have some idea of where to go to get information and help.


Faith, however, is something that we CAN have ready in our hip pocket. Yes, we can call on God at any time – even an atheist might do that in a weak moment. But how much better is it for Christians! When we have spent time with God and the Scriptures on a regular basis, we have built up a basis of faith. And the more we do this, the stronger we become. For example, I find that memorizing a few verses of Psalms comes in handy – I can recall and recite a sentence or two when something difficult comes my way. And it is easier for me to pray when I have already built a solid relationship with God.


I hope that you have done some preparation and have a strong faith in your life, so that you can be prepared when the giants step in. But if perhaps you are unsure whether you are ready to face your giants, I encourage you to take some time this week to work on this. Spend a few more minutes each day in prayer or read some scripture. If you already have a giant lurking somewhere in your life, take a little time to research your issue and learn some strategies for handling it.


May you be successful in facing your giants!


Have a blessed Monday!


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