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Posted on March 9, 2020 at 6:10 AM

Today’s meditation deals with the sin of Greed, another of the Seven Deadly Sins. We all face this sin our lives. We are bombarded daily with ads touting the greatest new product… and we are encouraged to always “keep up with the Joneses.” For centuries, men have given in to greed, especially those with the ability to control. They were constantly fighting battles to gain more land and continually taxing the people to acquire more wealth.


Greed for money can also lead someone to commit sin just to get more money or possessions – people may steal or cheat to get what they want.


Money in itself it not necessarily evil. You need money to survive and to help others. But when people think that money will make things better or that it will make them happier, that’s when greed can creep in. It’s the love of money (i.e. Greed for money) is evil. That is why we have heard Jesus telling us that it is so difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven - not because they are rich, but because they often love their money too much.


We can read in Luke 12:14-15 that we must “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”


So how have I been doing with Greed in my life? You can bet I am tempted by things! Mostly I think I do pretty well. For example, when I replaced my car in 2018 I purchased a used model. I still wear clothes that I bought years ago, and I shop at Savers or Goodwill often, although I must admit I do have too many items. My next task had better be to “Marie-Kondo” my closet and drawers.


I recently got a new smartphone. I truly did need a new, reliable phone to replace my older one that was slowing down and in constant need of charging. But I admit that I was lured in by the top-of-the-line models when I could have settled for something less. A little greed here, I think.


As a result of my review, I can clearly see that God is reminding me to not focus on material things. At any time, God could take me or take away the “wealth” I have worked hard for. I need to remember that “things” are not the most important items of life. In my travels I have met people in foreign lands who have MUCH less than me, but are still happy. Why? Because they have their family and their faith and they understand that these are the “things” that matter.


The questions I must keep asking myself, and I suggest you ask yourself as well are: What is my attitude towards money and things? Am I detached to them, only using them for what their were intended to be used for, or do I work so hard to get a lot of things? Do I realize that genuine blessings can only come to me if I share what I have to others? Do I continually compare myself with others and end up envying them and wanting more money or things? What prevents me from letting go of my blessings so they can bless others? I will ponder these questions this week in addition to getting to confession as soon as I can!


May you be blessed as you look at the sin of Greed this week.


Have a blessed Monday!


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