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Plan Your Goals

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 8:10 AM

Do you have any particular goals right now in your life? My world has completely changed recently, and goals that I had set a few months ago have fallen by the wayside. So many requests have come in to sew facemasks that I have let my photo project slide and I have slacked off on my writing. I used to have at least one or two blog posts written ahead of time, and now I’m finding myself writing them only a few days before my Monday deadline.


I decided I needed to re-look at my goals and my plans to complete them. To be honest, I have no particular deadline for my photo project (other than prior to my passing so my kids don’t have to clean it up). The sorting and compilation of the family photos benefits me and my relatives, and it certainly is a good thing to do, but it is something that can be pushed aside for more important tasks.


But my writing is different. The kind of writing I do uses a charism I have been given, and it is for the benefit of others. I often am inspired to write about certain topics, and the writing itself usually cannot be forced. But when I wait until the last minute to write, like for my blog, I find it maybe does not contain the richness and meaningfulness that it could have if I had spent more time.


Therefore I must be diligent about regularly planning time to write. Even though my days are often unscheduled now, I still must set aside writing time on my calendar. If I do not do this, my days could easily fill with meaningless tasks and time would slip right through my fingers. Progress toward my goal will stall. Setting a schedule is a way I ensure I am being responsible to myself so that I can attain my goals.


Do you have a goal that you should be working on? Have you made plans for how you will attain that goal? I encourage you to take a look at your schedule this week and be sure you have allotted time to work on your goals. The blessing of a completed project awaits!


Have a blessed Monday!


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