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Posted on May 18, 2020 at 8:15 AM


Many of my Scripture readings from this past week include the word “remain.”

For example: 1 John 4:13,15 says “The way we know we remain in him and he in us is that he has given us of his Spirit….When anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwells in him and he in God.”


This word hit home for me this week as we are still under Governor’s orders to remain at home. Yes, some businesses are starting to open up, but precautions still need to be taken. I for one am planning to remain at home as much as possible for the time being. I am not in a high-risk group, but I still want to remain healthy. Before I venture too far into businesses, I want to be sure they are making every effort to ensure a safe environment for their visitors.


In my personal life I have been doing my best to remain rooted in my faith. It’s hard when I cannot go sit in our chapel to pray or attend a mass in person. I have to make do with a little prayer spot I have set up at home, and I am regularly visiting online sites that display the Blessed Sacrament for adoration and broadcast live masses. I am remaining faithful to my daily prayer regimen as well as my study of The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien, SJ. Thankfully, I have a wonderful spiritual director whom I can call each week to share my current faith journey and remain accountable to my study plan.


As long as our world remains in this new normal, I must remain faithful and remain rooted in God. I may not understand why He is allowing this disease to ravage through the world, but I can trust that God still is in control. I also believe that there will be some good coming out of this, even though that may not be evident right now.


Are you remaining faithful in our challenging time? I hope you have resources to help you remain on track. I am going to say a prayer for all of my readers every day this week that you are somehow blessed this week and that you remain full of faith and the Spirit.


Have a blessed Monday!


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