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Posted on June 1, 2020 at 9:35 AM

It has greatly disturbed me that there has been so much violence in Minneapolis and the surrounding area in the past week. In response to a wrongful death, some people became outraged and began to protest. Much of the protesting has been peaceful, but the tide turned and others began to loot and set fires to businesses in the area. Now not only one life is affected but many, including business owners who can no longer operate and local people who can no longer purchase their needed supplies at these stores.


Black lives matter – absolutely! And everything should be done to eliminate racism of any kind. And other lives matter too: red lives, old lives, businessowners lives, yellow lives, young lives, protesters lives, disabled lives, white lives and unborn lives, just to name a few. ALL human life matters. And I sincerely hope that things will soon calm down and strong action is taken to make corrections and bring justice to everyone.


We are in challenging times. Everything around us has been shaken by the virus, by loss of jobs and income, and by incidents. People are understandably raging in discontent. Unfortunately, pent-up emotions can trigger bad actions and destructive acts which in no way atone for the wrongs committed but instead make the situation worse.


In my opinion, we should do our best to not let this tide of anger overtake us. We should not get swept away into hatred and violence, as it seldom serves to help the situation. That is not to say we should sit idly by and not do anything, though. As Christians, we must act – in fact, we are called to act – but in a loving and caring manner.


Throughout the centuries when disasters struck or diseases ravaged the world, Christians have taken the impetus to care for their brethren. To the extent possible, these Christians would care for the injured and sick, providing medical care, food and shelter. Even if they were not able to save some of the people, they were there to provide what comfort they could. Those people lucky enough to be around Christians had a much better chance of survival than those who were not.


I am choosing to look to Philippians 2:4 as a personal mantra—“Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.” I may not be able to provide direct medical care, but some of us can. I don’t wear a badge, but others can offer protection. But I can sew masks to give to those who need them. I can help deliver groceries and supplies to those in need. Even people who may be more vulnerable than me can help – we can call and talk to those who are isolated and we can pray for our brothers and sisters in need.


What are you doing to care for those around you? I challenge you this week to find some way to be a blessing for someone else. If you can do something specifically for someone, please try to do that. And please pray - pray for those who have been affected by COvid-19 and the violence of this week, and pray for those in position to help to fairly deal with these situations. May God help us to see good in all our brothers and sisters and may we all help to bring this issue to a close.


Have a blessed Monday!


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