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Posted on June 15, 2020 at 8:20 AM

With the weather getting nicer here in Minnesota, I am spending much more time outdoors. If I am up early I might take a cup of coffee out onto the patio (or into the sunroom if it is raining) and listen to the birds singing their wake-up melodies while I say my morning prayers, peruse the news or work on the daily crossword puzzle.


Then later, after my daily tasks are completed, I will often take a walk – sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend. My husband and I have been getting out several times per week also, exploring different local state and county parks.


Our adventures include meandering on trails, occasionally taking a wrong turn and retracing our steps, and observing all the wonders of nature. The trees wave their branches at us as we pass, and wildflowers provide splashes of color as we stroll through the prairies. We’ve seen lots of dragonflies, butterflies and even a turtle. We have walked beside streams, piles of dead branches and fallen limbs, and majestic pines towering besides ponds, lakes and rivers. I have been capturing photos along the way as reminders of our sojourns.


Even the clouds above us are entrancing – sometimes small and wispy and occasionally forming wavy ripples that slowly move across the pure blue sky.


Walking has been very good for me. I am exercising muscles that I admit were not used much over the winter and I don’t mind the slight ache I might feel later in the evening. It’s gratifying to feel the vibration of my fitness tracker as I pass my step goal for the day. Perhaps I will even shed a few pounds as the weeks pass!


But even more important is the opportunity for me to appreciate nature on my walks. I never was very good at botany, so except for the dandelions and red clover, I cannot identify the myriads of plants covering most of the ground in these parks. I can tell you when we pass a birch or a red oak tree, but I can’t tell you what kind of pine trees are in that grove over there.


Yet it doesn’t matter that I don’t know the names of all the plants. What is important is that I appreciate the wide variety that exists in our parks. And those which are found in Minnesota are only a minute portion of the vast number of plants that exist in all the other corners of our planet.


God has created a marvelous world for us to enjoy. When I stay cooped up in my home I can easily forget this – all the more reason for me to get outside and enjoy nature’s splendors.


I encourage you to get outside and talk a walk or two this week. Even if you only circle the block, take a look around you and observe nature. If you reside in Arizona, you could count the different species of cacti you see. For those who live in Florida, take a look at the palm trees. If you live somewhere else, I’m sure you can find some kind of unique plants to observe. And while on your walk, take a moment to thank God for His wonderful creation and the fact that He has given it to us to enjoy. What a blessing He has given to us!


Have a blessed Monday!


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