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Posted on June 29, 2020 at 8:30 AM

God created an amazing thing when He conceived of water. It was an essential part of the creation story – Gen. 1:2 says “The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.”


Water is essential for life. Crops need an adequate amount of rain to produce their bounty, pastures need moisture for cattle to feed, and we would not have lovely flowers without water to give them nourishment.


We humans too need water. Our bodies are comprised of up to 60 % water, and we would likely die after three or four days without it. We use water for cooking, purification and nourishment. One of our sacraments, Baptism, uses water as a key ingredient. And we use consecrated Holy water to bless items of importance and ourselves.


I love water. One of my favorite spots to be is on an ocean beach, just sitting and enjoying the glimpse of God’s glory found there. I revel in the crashing of waves as they overturn on themselves near the shore or make the full run and splay out on the sand. Lakes and rivers are good spots too. The waves are usually gentler, teasing the sand and depositing broken shells at the edges.


When by the water, I love to watch the clouds meandering across the sky forming delicate lace patterns and casting shadows on the waves. On the beach, the sand is soft and squishy under my feet as I wade in the cool liquid. I can take a beach chair and sit at the water’s edge, my feet soaking and the ripples gently washing away my body’s tensions.


If you happen to be lucky enough to know someone with some water sport equipment (or own some yourself) you can enjoy so much on the water. Many people enjoy fishing, riding on jet skis or lazily trolling up or down a river on a pontoon. A kayak ride on smooth lake waters on a quiet evening can be a peaceful way to become still and tune yourself in to God.


Water can be treacherous, though – hurricanes and tsunamis can rip through areas leaving mass devastation in their wake. Thunderstorms can wash out roads and raging waters can sweep away homes. So although water is important, we also need to be respectful of its power.


Most of us have all the water we need, inexpensive and ready at the turn of a faucet. But there are some people in the world who do not have enough water. Their supply may be scarce or contaminated. Thankfully, there are organizations who work to help these people get access to good, clean water.


Do you appreciate your water? I encourage you today to think a bit the next time you use water and give thanks to God for this blessed gift.


Have a blessed Monday!


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