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Take Your Time

Posted on July 6, 2020 at 7:50 AM

We’ve likely all done it – rushed to finish a project and found that something wasn’t right. It’s happened to me more than once – okay, a lot. When I realize I have made a mistake, I have two choices – live with a poor product, or spend extra time redoing it to make it right. If the error was small, I might be able to let it go. But a big error? No, I had to do it over.


Most things cannot be rushed. To complete a project, I must do things one at a time, in the correct order, and pay attention to details to be sure I do things right. If I don’t, the end result will be less than stellar, and quite possibly very bad indeed.


But how hard it can be to take my time! I know what the end result should be, and I want to get there now. Here’s one of my most recent examples. I wanted to make cinnamon rolls for my son who was in town. It was late afternoon when I started, and I hurried through the kneading process (mistake # 1). Then I did a Google search for hints to make the dough rise faster (mistake # 2). The dough rose, but not as far as I had hoped even though I did wait the full recommended time for rising.


I punched down the dough and rolled it out, noticing that the dough wasn’t really the consistency it should have been. But I prepped it anyway and rolled it and cut into pieces for the second rising. And guess what - the dough barely rose at all. At this point I just went ahead and baked the rolls. The rolls were edible, but definitely not anything I was proud to share with my family. And it was all because of my lack of patience with the process and trying to take shortcuts.


The same thing happens when I don’t take a proper amount of time each morning for my prayers. My spirits sag throughout the day and I may fail to adequately rise to my tasks. I experience a “day” but not the wonderful one I would have had if I had focused on my prayers.


These experiences reminded me of the importance of taking my time and doing things right. There are reasons for taking things one step at a time and allowing enough time to do them well! I need to remind myself that trying to take shortcuts when doing important things will result in a bad end result.


How about you? Do you take adequate time to properly do the tasks at hand? Or do you rush through them? This week I invite you to take your time when doing the important things in your life. It may take you a bit longer to finish something, but you will be blessed by a good outcome.


Have a blessed Monday!


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