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Posted on July 13, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Did you know that I now have been writing these blogs for four years? It doesn’t seem like that long! But it’s true - my first blog was published on July 11, 2016. Looking back, I remember it was kind of scary, taking that leap into the world of blogging, and knowing that I likely would not reach a huge readership following. But that did not matter to me then, nor does it matter to me now.


My purpose for writing this blog remains the same as it did on that summer day four years ago – to follow the mission I had chosen for myself: To provide help, encouragement and inspiration during the journey of life resulting in stronger faith and purpose. Our world has so much negativity in it, and I want to remind people that there are still many good things out there, even though we may have to dig a bit to find them. So whether I have four readers or four hundred, I will keep writing.


If you were to go back and read my past blog entries, you will find that in them I have touched on many topics, and have shared problems and struggles I have faced in my life. Some of them were minor and some more challenging. Many of the issues I have dealt with in the past still occur in my life. And every day we must make decisions on how we will react to and act on events that occur around us. I have found that having a positive attitude helps. We may struggle and fall, but if we look for the good we can get up and try again. I write these words as much for myself as for you, my readers.


We all need encouragement and support as we walk through life. As we face our individual challenges, sometimes a supportive word or two will be enough to get us through.


My challenge for you this week is to say or do something to encourage someone else. Perhaps it might be as simple as putting some things away, or it could be more important, like being there to listen as someone pours out his or her heart. Spread encouragement within your circle, and you may be pleased to find encouragement circling right back to bless you.


Have a blessed Monday!


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